Kids predict who will be next U.S. president

At Benjamin Franklin Elementary School in New York, they already know who will take office next year. The young students participate in the school’s traditional mock election that has correctly predicted the outcome of the presidential elections since 1968.
Kids of Benjamin Franklin Elementary Photo Credit: Benjamin Franklin Elementary School/Channel 2 News

For the past 48 years, the students at Benjamin Franklin Elementary School in New York have correctly predicted the results of the presidential elections. This tradition was initially started as a competition between the 3rd through 6th graders but today the whole school, even kindergarteners, participate.

“Every year since Nixon, we’ve correctly predicted [the outcome of the election] based on the popular vote,” explained Benjamin Franklin Elementary School principal Patricia Moore. This year the students voted and the winner- Hillary Clinton.

This past Wednesday, the school held its traditional election. “We’re pretty proud of it,” Moore told CBS News. She added that they hold the election every four years, “We can’t skip an election nationwide, so we can’t skip it in our school.”

The long-standing tradition Photo Credit: Benjamin Franklin Elementary School/Channel 2 News

For months, the students have been taught about each candidate, known either as “Candidate A” and “Candidate B.” Rather than voting based on personalities, they focus only on the important issues. They discuss the facts and the students pick a side. Only afterwards do they reveal to the students with whom they sided and then the students vote.

According to Moore, the school is a melting pot, which could explain the mock election’s accuracy throughout the years. “We have minority groups, students that speak English as a second language, white collar, blue collar. It could be representative of the nation.”

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