Kremlin spokesperson: US-Russian relations ‘maybe even worse’ than during Cold War

In the wake of the sanctions imposed on Russia by the Obama administration, the Kremlin spokesperson, who is considered to be one of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s confidants, claims that relations between the US and Russia are worse than those that characterized the end of the last century.
US-Russian relations worsen Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov, who is considered to be Russian President Vladimir Putin’s right-hand man, stated today (Friday) that relations between Russia and the US have reached an unprecedented low. During an interview on ABC’s Good Morning America, Peskov was asked if this all-time low in the countries’ relations is worse than during the Cold War, to which he responded that this “maybe even worse.”

Peskov associated the worsening relations to the sanctions that the last US government administration imposed on Russia. “Is it friendly? I’m afraid no,” Peskov stated regarding the sanctions and expulsion of Russian diplomats. “It’s not friendly. It’s not legal in terms of international law. So, of course, it was a very significant damage for our bilateral relations organized as a farewell parting by the then-administration in Washington.”

Peskov also denied claims that Russia interfered with the recent US presidential election. “Moscow’s interference in the presidential election is fake news.” Peskov also suggested that despite the worsening tensions, it is still possible to mend the relations between the two countries.

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