Florida prepares for powerful Hurricane Matthew

Residents of the US East Coast are already feeling high winds and heavy rain. Millions have been ordered to leave their homes. About 200,000 have no electricity.
Florida residents fleeing their homes Photo credit: CNN/Channel 2 News

After causing massive destruction and leaving hundreds dead in the Caribbean, Hurricane Matthew is fast approaching the East Cast of the United States. Residents of Florida are already feeling the high winds and heavy rain which took out the power for about 200,000 people.

The US National Weather Service has issued a dire warning that said whole areas in Florida could become "uninhabitable for weeks or months." According to CNN, the warning is similar to the one sent prior to Hurricane Katrina's hit in 2005.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott called the storm "a monster" and said, "I want everyone to survive it. We can always rebuild homes and businesses but we cannot restore lives."

"You still have time to leave. Get out. There's no reason to take a chance," Scott urged Florida residents.

Hurricane Matthew's death toll in Haiti has risen to 339, mainly in the coastal cities of the south-western part of the country, which is still recovering from the 2010 deadly earthquake.

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