Live: US marks 15 years since September 11th at Ground Zero

5,479 days have passed since September 11th, 2001, when four deadly terror attacks claimed the lives of almost 3,000 people in America. The annual reading of the victims’ names ceremony began in New York immediately after church bells rang in order to mark the moment when the first plane crashed into the North Tower.

The families of the almost 3,000 people who were murdered in the terror attacks arrived at the memorial services in New York and Washington DC. Church bells throughout New York rang out at 8:46 (local time) in order to commemorate the victims of the terror attacks. Near the site where the Twin Towers stood, a moment of silence will be observed. Relatives of victims and senior level US government officials will be taking part in the ceremony.

Shortly thereafter, family members will read the names of the 2,977 victims. In addition, the names of 6 people who were murdered in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing will be read.

The reading of the names ceremony will be interrupted several times by the church bells. The bells will ring at 9:03 AM, when one plane hit the South Tower, and again at 9:37 AM, when one of the planes hit the Pentagon. In addition, the bells will ring at 10:03 AM, when Flight 95 crashed into an open field in Pennsylvania, and at 10:28 AM, when the North Tower fell.

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