London: Black Lives Matter protest at airport causes delays, cancellations

Members of Black Lives Matter UK gained access to the London City Airport runway and staged a protest in light of the plans to expand the airport. Due to the protest, departing flights were cancelled and incoming flights were rerouted to other airports.
Photo Credit: Sky News/Channel 2 News

Flights were delayed and canceled today (Tuesday) at London City Airport after Black Lives Matter protesters gained access to the runway. Police officers were rushed to the airport early today in order to remove the 9 protesters who chained themselves together and refused to leave the runway.

The protesters were eventually arrested on suspicion of aggravated trespass. The drama on the runway resulted in serious problems for the airport. Flights to Geneva, Zürich and other destinations in Europe were cancelled. In addition, incoming flights from Rotterdam, Luxembourg, New York and Frankfort were rerouted to other airports.

According to the local reports, the protesters gained access to the runway via the River Thames. The protesters were reportedly protesting the effect of air pollution on the African American residents of the city. The protesters said that the plans to expand the airport will harm the African American community living in the area.

“Today we are saying all black lives matter and that includes the lives of those who live close to airports, people who are going to grow up with asthma and skin conditions,” said a Black Lives Matter UK spokeswoman to Sky News.

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