Malaysian Airlines Mystery: “Remnants of the plane have yet to be found”

Those investigating the disappearance of the Malaysian aircraft denied the reports that remnants of the plane had been found, stressing that the possibility of a hijacking of the aircraft should not be ruled out. The investigators also reported that five passengers never boarded the plane, but strangely enough their suitcases were removed before takeoff.
Malaysian Airlines. Photo Credit: AP/ Channel 2

The investigation into the disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 jet continues: those investigating the disappearance of the aircraft held a press conference this morning (Monday) in Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian capital, stating that, “At this point, we cannot rule out the possibility of a hijacking”. The investigators noted that opposed to a number of reports last night, remnants of the aircraft have yet to be found.

During the press conference, it was revealed that five listed passengers never boarded the plane, and that their luggage was removed from the aircraft before takeoff. It is possible that these individuals may be tied to the phony and stolen passports which were discovered two days ago.

The King of Malaysia Abdul Halim of Kedah expressed his worry regarding the fate of the passengers, sending out his “sympathy to the passengers, the crew and their families”. A number of the relatives of the passengers who were on the plane are considering flying to Malaysia at this point, out of hope that their arrival will force the investigators to find better explanations for the occurrence.

The families of the missing passengers. Photo Credit: AP/ Channel 2

A phone call from the depths of the ocean?

In INTERPOL, the option that the plane was hijacked by a terrorist or group of terrorists is still being investigated. The suspicion of terror was strengthened when it was discovered that two of the passengers boarded the plane using phony and stolen passports belonging to Austrian and Italian citizens respectively.

According to some reports, two mysterious passengers were photographed as they boarded the p;and. The two passengers with the phony passports purchased their tickets in Thai currency, the baht, on the 6th of March, just one day prior to the flight. The two were meant to continue on to Amsterdam and from there, one to Frankfurt and one to Copenhagen.

After over 48 hours of questions regarding the location of the aircraft, yesterday (Sunday), the sister of one of the aircraft’s passengers tried to call her brother on live Chinese television, and surprisingly the phone rang. However, no one answered on the other side and the conversation was eventually cut off.

According to a number of reports in China, the family members of the plane’s passengers were able to call some of the mobile telephones belonging to their lost kin, but no one has answered as of yet. However, the fact that they were able to call, but were not able to reach the voicemail has given the families hope, although the authorities in China have told them to expect the worst.

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