Mali: 2 killed at vacation resort as terrorists take over 100 hostages

Security forces in Mali are currently dealing with a terror attack at a vacation resort that is popular among Western tourists. According to reports, two people have been killed and the gunmen are holding over a hundred guests hostage in the complex.
Archive Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Armed men stormed the luxurious Le Campement vacation resort, a popular destination among Western tourists in Mali, on Sunday and opened fire. According to the spokesperson for the country’s defense ministry, two people were killed in the attack. “Security forces have the complex sealed off,” said the spokesperson. “The situation is under control.”

In 2012, Islamic extremists took over the northern part of the country, turning it into a hub for terrorists. Even though France sent forces to deal with the militias in the north, the country is still a popular target for terror attacks.

Residents of the area said that they heard gunshots and saw a massive number of military personnel and police officers rush to the scene. According to reports, special forces have entered the resort and are currently searching the floors one by one. An eye-witness told Reuters that the gunmen are still inside and that gunshots can be heard occasionally. The gunmen are holding at least 124 guests and 13 staff members hostage.

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