Iraqi forces uncover mass grave near Mosul

Iraqi military forces have discovered a mass grave at a prison near Mosul containing an estimated 500 remains consistent with previously reported ISIS attacks.
Battle for Mosul continues Photo Credit: CNN/Channel 2 News

Iraqi military forces announced today (Saturday) that they have uncovered a mass grave near the Badush Prison in Mosul. Remains of approximately 500 prisoners, likely executed by ISIS, were found.

The number of bodies found in the mass grave are consistent with data reported by human rights organizations regarding the number of local ISIS victims. According to those reports, in June 2014 ISIS terrorists attacked the prison and killed more than 670 Shi’ite prisoners. In addition, reports stated that members of ISIS kidnapped and imprisoned hundreds of Yazidi women in the prison.

As reported earlier this week by JOL, the Iraqi Army has made significant progress in Mosul.  The Iraqi Army has advanced in the battle for Mosul and has expelled ISIS terrorists from additional parts of the city. This operation represents significant progress for the Iraqi forces, which launched the battle for the western part of the city on February 19. 

Last week, JOL reported that Arab news outlets stated that ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi acknowledged that his organization suffered a setback in Mosul. Arab news agencies claimed that al-Baghdadi called on ISIS members to flee Mosul and hide in the mountains surrounding the city. 

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