Watch: Mass protests across Poland call for a veto against new judicial law

Thousands of Poles have been demonstrating across the country in over 70 cities against a newly approved law that places the Polish Supreme Court under the government, eliminating a separate and independent judiciary system that is required of any EU member state. According to a poll, 55% of Poles believe the president should veto the new law and secure a separation of powers.
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Tens of thousands of citizens took to the streets of Poland to protest the members of the ruling Law and Justice Party’s (PiS) decision to approve a new law that would place the Polish Supreme Court under the government’s rule. Demonstrators shouted, calling for a free court system.

Poles from all over the country have been out on the streets holding candles, flags and signs, shouting against what they consider the demise of Poland’s democracy, demanding that Polish President Andrzej Duda veto the law and leave in place the separation of powers, as required of a European Union and NATO member state.

In a poll conducted prior to the law’s passing, 55% believe the president should veto the law whereas only 28% of the respondents believe the law should pass. Despite being what has been described as Poland’s worst political crisis since 1989 when the Communist bloc disintegrated, President Duda has taken a vacation.  

Thousands demonstrate across Poland Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Since the PiS party came into power in 2015, it has held a majority in both the lower and upper Houses of Parliament and has worked to increase the government’s oversight of the judicial system and media as well as greatly restrict freedom of assembly in the country. Despite removing such democratic values, the party still garners a majority support, primarily for its economic achievements.

The EU has called for the law to be scrapped, a demand which has been rejected by those in Poland. However, Poland has received great support from the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán who said that he will veto any attempts to sanction Poland.

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