Media's reaction to Donald Trump’s election victory

This is how leading media outlets in the US and around the world are reporting Donald Trump’s victory.
"W.T.F." Photo credit: Daily Telegraph, Australia/ Channel 2 News

Many US citizens were surprised this morning (Wednesday) from the election results. Early this morning, it was already evident that Trump was going to win the election and news outlets around the world starting preparing their front page articles about the next US president.

As reported today by JOL, US President Barack Obama invited President-elect Donald Trump to the White House for a meeting tomorrow.

"You're hired" Photo credit:Chicago Sun Times/ Channel 2 News
"God forgive America" Photo credit: le Journal de Montréal/ El Periódico/ Channel 2 News
"The world on thorns" Photo credit: New York Post/ La Nacion/ Channel 2 News
"Stunner" Photo credit: Boston Herald/ the Guardian/ Channel 2 News

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