North Korea says new sanctions imposed by UN are 'declaration of war'

The North Korean Foreign Minister has stated that the country will continue to develop its nuclear program 'for self-defense purposes' to protect itself from 'hostile' acts by the US.
A North Korean missile launch Photo credit: Reuters/Israel News Company

North Korea's Foreign Minister says countries that support imposing new sanctions on his country will "face the consequences."

The minister said the UN Security Council resolution to impose further sanctions on North Korea is "a declaration of war." "The United States is afraid of our achievements in developing our nuclear program," he told a state-run media outlet.

He added that North Korea will continue to develop its nuclear program "for self-defense purposes," in order to eradicate "the threats, blackmail and other hostile actions by the Americans."

The UN on Saturday voted to toughen the sanctions on the isolated dictatorship, imposing a ban of nearly 90% of refined petroleum exports to the country.

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