NASA shares live broadcast of space expedition

NASA joined the live streaming trend today, offering the wide public the chance to join its astronauts on a space expedition. For six hours, two astronauts carried out basic repairs outside the International Space Station as people across the globe followed live on NASA’s website.
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Two NASA astronauts set out on a spacewalk today (Thursday) – and people across the world got the chance to join them. Expedition Commander Jeff Williams and flight engineer Kate Rubins left the International Space Station in order to perform what NASA described as “basic repairs” and their expedition was streamed live on NASA’s website.

The repairs carried out by the two astronauts included retracting a thermal control radiator and installing a new camera onto the station’s exterior. There are already several cameras placed at the International Space Station that capture breathtaking footage of the earth in HD quality but the camera installed today will document the activity in the vicinity of the space station itself, such as spacewalks and spacecrafts leaving the station.

The footage of today’s expedition was meant to assist the work of the astronauts but it also provided a glimpse into their daily routine in outer space. This was Rubins’s second spacewalk and Williams’s fifth, a fact marked by the red ribbon on his spacesuit.

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