Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics to host 5 new events with goal of attracting youth

The International Olympic Committee is attempting to rejuvenate the Olympics. In Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics, 5 new events will be added with the goal of attracting more youths. These include skateboarding and surfing.
5 new events to be added to next Olympics Photo credit: Channel 2 News

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) concluded that in order to preserve the Olympics as a relevant sporting event for the young audience, it is necessary to update the list of events.

Therefore, Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics will have 5 more professional sporting events: sports climbing, skateboarding, karate, baseball and surfing. Almost all of the sports are urban and identified with a younger audience.

The change is happening as a result of a rise in average age of people watching the games. In the US, for example, the average viewer’s age increased by 8 years in comparison to 10 years ago.

The additional sports will bring the total number of events to 33. Meanwhile, traditional branches such as weightlifting and wrestling will receive less TV time.

“We want to take sport to the youth,” said IOC President Thomas Bach. “With the many options that young people have, we cannot expect any more that they will come automatically to us. We have to go to them. Tokyo 2020’s balanced proposal fulfils all of the goals of the Olympic Agenda 2020 recommendation that allowed it. Taken together, the five sports are an innovative combination of established and emerging, youth-focused events that are popular in Japan and will add to the legacy of the Tokyo Games.”

Another change that will be seen in the next Olympics relates to the number of females in the competition. Females are expected to constitute 49% of the total number of competitors- more than ever.

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