Watch: Kim Jong-un throws concert and dance show in honor of successful ICBM test launch

Following last week's successful intercontinental ballistic missile test launch, North Korea celebrated with a large concert and party. Kim Jong-un arrived today (Tuesday) at the event to thousands of cheering soldiers and government officials, including officials from China.
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The North Korean TV network broadcasted on Tuesday a report on the special concert and dance performance held in the capital Pyongyang in honor of the successful ICBM test launch conducted this past week. At the opening of the event, the leader of the isolated country, Kim Jong-un, is seen entering the hall to the applause and cheers of tens of thousands of army and government officials.

The successful test launch, which was celebrated with the typical grandiosity in North Korea, received sharp criticism and condemnation from around the world. Some international responses included deploying forces to neighboring countries and a joint air force exercise conducted by American bombers and Japanese and South Korean fighter jets, all of which were intended to send North Korea a message that the military option is ready and on the table. However, North Korean TV does not broadcast criticism and threats from the West.

Dancers during today's missle arty Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The report showed Kim smiling and waving to the masses as he entered the large event complex to enthusiastically clapping uniformed soldiers. The evening's musical selection included Korean pop songs, dances and various gestures to Kim. Among the concert’s international guests were representatives from countries considered to be allies of North Korea, such as China.

North Korea's ambassador to the United Nations warned two weeks ago that his country would continue to develop its nuclear arsenal and that no sanctions, diplomatic pressures or military attack would stop them. According to Ambassador Kim In Ryong, Trump’s administration maintains an “aggressive and outdated policy” towards his state.

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