Pentagon believes North Korean rocket launched was ballistic missile

North Korea conducted another rocket launch, as the missile remained in the air for 45 minutes and landed in Japanese waters within its exclusive economic zone. The US confirmed that it identified the missile’s movement and estimates that it was a ballistic missile. The Japanese government convened an emergency meeting.
A missile launch from North Korea Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

North Korea launched a missile of an unknown model this evening (Friday) that landed after 45 minutes in Japanese waters within its exclusive economic zone. In response to the missile launch, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe convened an emergency government meeting.

The Pentagon confirmed that it identified a missile launch from North Korean territory and that US intelligence’s initial estimate is that the rocket was a ballistic missile.

Japan and South Korea quickly condemned Pyongyang as the two countries have done in the past towards North Korean missile launches. The Japanese Security Cabinet director announced that this was a gross violation of previous UN Security Council decisions.

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