North Korea launched 4 long-range ballistic missiles

The North Korean dictatorship has launched advanced missiles that landed at a distance of about a thousand kilometers to the east of the Korean peninsula. Japan announced that 3 of them landed within their territorial waters.
Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

North Korea launched 4 missiles from its border with China. According to a South Korean report, the missiles were launched at a range of at least a thousand kilometers and landed off the shores of North Korea. The US military stated that they identified the launch immediately and they clarified that even though the missiles were launched quite a distance, there is still no evidence that they are intercontinental missiles.     

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stated that his country identified 4 missiles that were launched from North Korea and that 3 of them landed inside his country’s territorial waters. Shortly after the launch became known, Abe condemned it and stated in a conversation with reporters outside his official residence that it showed that North Korea poses a new threat.

In the background of the launch, South Korea announced that they are holding joint training with the United States due to the increased threat posed by their northern neighbor. Pyongyang protested this South Korean move, accusing their southern neighbor of preparing for war against them and they threatened to respond.

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