North Korea: Military attack will not derail our nuclear program

Sanctions, diplomatic pressure and even a military attack will not prevent North Korea from continuing its nuclear program, announced the country’s ambassador to the UN last night. According to the ambassador, the White House has “double standards” when it comes to other countries developing nuclear weapons.
North Korea missile launch (archive) Photo Credit: EPA

The North Korean ambassador to the UN warned on Wednesday evening that his country will continue to develop its nuclear arsenal amid sanctions, diplomatic pressure and even a military attack. According to Ambassador Kim In Ryong, the White House has implemented a “hostile policy” toward his country.

The ambassador criticized America, claiming that while it is advancing Sweden’s nuclear program, other countries are prohibited from testing or launching “any object which goes with the words of nuclear or ballistic.” He added: “This is really the height of shameless arrogance, self-righteousness and double standards.”

Kim continued by stating that Washington’s attempts to subdue North Korea derive from its dream to control the world. “No matter what others say, whatever sanctions, pressure and military attack may follow, we will not flinch from the road to build up nuclear forces, which was chosen to defend the sovereignty of the country and the rights to national existence,” he stated.

Kim surprisingly appeared in front of the UN Security Council during an open session dedicated to preventing terrorists, extremists and other non-state actors from obtaining nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. In the past, he has boycotted the council sessions related to imposing sanctions on his country.

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