Kim Jong-un sends ‘slaves’ to Russia and then takes their money

According to Fox News, the Data Base Centre for North Korean Human Rights, which is based in Seoul, has reported that about 50,000 North Koreans have been sent to Russia in order to make money for the regime in Pyongyang. It is estimated that Pyongyang takes about $120 million a year from its citizens in Russia, who are forced to work in slave-like labor conditions.
North Koreans working in construction (archive) Photo Credit: EPA

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is sending tens of thousands of North Koreans to Russia in order to carry out what is being described as slave-like labor and earn money for his regime in Pyongyang, according to Fox News. The American news agency cited a human rights organization based in South Korea, which claims that there are about 50,000 North Koreans in Russia who are being exploited by their government.

The Fox News report claims that human rights organizations work in low-paying manual labor jobs and are subjected to brutal and violent acts at the hands of their employers while they are forced to hand a large sum of their salaries over to Kim’s regime. The Data Base Centre for North Korean Human Rights has estimated that the North Koreans in Russia provide their government with an estimated $120 million a year.

“The North Korean government maintains strict controls over their workers’ profits, in some cases probably taking 90 percent of their wages,” Scott Synder, the director of the Program on U.S.-Korea Policy at the Council of Foreign Relations, told Fox News. “This is an issue that has been going on under the radar for a long time.”

Due to its continued missile tests, North Korea has found itself under severe international sanctions that are undermining its economy. Following the most recent missile test by North Korea, which involved an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching Alaska, the US vowed to seek additional UNSC sanctions against the isolated dictatorship, which include penalties for countries that continue to maintain trade relations with Pyongyang.

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