Outrage surrounding North Korea’s latest provocative missile test

Harsh condemnations were heard around the globe in response to North Korea’s ballistic missile test. US President Donald Trump called the launch a threat to the world and declared that he will take all necessary steps “to ensure the security of the American homeland and protect our allies in the region.”
Missile launch from North Korea Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Yesterday (Friday), North Korea conducted another test on its missile system, launching an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) that landed within Japan’s exclusive economic waters after 47 minutes in the air. According to military sources, this is the second trial on a missile of this sort, but its air time constitutes as an unprecedented achievement in relation to North Korea’s known capabilities.

Kim Jong-un stated that his country can now reach the “whole US mainland,” adding that the US should consider the launch as a “grave warning.”

US President Donald Trump condemned the missile launch, stating that the US will take all necessary measures to secure itself. “Threatening the world, these weapons and tests further isolate North Korea, weaken its economy and deprive its people,” Trump said in a written statement. “The United States will take all necessary steps to ensure the security of the American homeland and protect our allies in the region.”

The North Korean Central News Agency officially confirmed that Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un supervised the second intercontinental missile launch. According to the report, Kim Jong-un was quoted saying that the country’s missile program is “a precious asset” that cannot be replaced.

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