Norway funds anti-Israel studies conducted by Palestine Strategy Group

An international research institute funded by the Norwegian government recently examined if Israeli Arabs should be integrated into the PLO in order to increase their involvement in the Palestinians' struggle against Israel. Another study researched if Israeli Arabs should be encouraged to boycott Knesset elections.
Photo Credit: EPA-EFE

The Norwegian government is funding the London-based Oxford Research Group (ORG), which in turn, works with another organization headed by a Palestinian official: the Palestine Strategy Group (PSG), which conducts research relating, inter alia, to Israeli Arabs.

One of the institutions’ studies assesses how to involve Israeli Arabs into the Palestinians’ anti-Israel campaign, suggesting that they be integrated into the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO). Another study examines if Israeli Arabs should be encouraged to boycott Knesset elections.

“Our support of NGOs is based on the goal of the two-state solution,” the Norwegian Embassy in Israel said in a statement. “We don’t aid organizations that aim to promote boycotting Israel. We don’t tolerate any sort of hateful speech, anti-Semitism or efforts to delegitimize Israel. Norway did provide funding to the PSG organization through the ORG, but doesn’t sponsor independent studies.”

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