US President Obama considers arming Syrian rebels

US security officials reported that the US President is considering making changes regarding the country’s policy in Syria. Apparently, several different options are being weighed including extensive aid for the opposition and increasing air strikes.
Will Obama change foreign policy at the end of his term? Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Tomorrow (Friday), US President Barack Obama is expected to meet with his senior level foreign policy advisors in order to discuss how the country wishes to continue its involvement in Syria. The decision to hold these discussions was made as a result of Assad’s forces and Russia’s persistent air strikes on Aleppo, which continue to claim more and more lives.

According to Reuters, the US must deploy soldiers to Syrian territory. Otherwise, the US will risk losing its influence over rebel force operations and their Kurdish and Turkish partners fighting against Assad’s military and ISIS.

One probable option to be considered tomorrow is direct air strikes on Syrian military bases. Nevertheless, Obama will most likely be opposed to air strikes on Assad’s government buildings. An additional option that will be considered is arming the rebel forces with more advanced weapons. However, the White House has not issued any approval regarding this issue.

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