Obama visits Bataclan Theater

Immediately after landing in Paris and moments before arriving at the Climate Change Conference, the US President arrived at the Bataclan Theater where the terror attack took place about three weeks ago.
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US President Barack Obama visited the Bataclan Theater in Paris after the murderous series of terror attacks took place in the French capital city.  He arrived at the memorial set up there accompanied by French President Francois Hollande and the mayor of the city, where he placed white roses in order to remember the terror victims that were murdered there.

Obama placed the flowers among the masses of flowers and candles.  He also stood for a moment of silence.    Obama also met with Hollande in Washington, DC last week, where the two agreed to step up military operations against ISIS in both Iraq and Syria.

The US President and his entourage went directly to the Bataclan from the airport.  Obama and his aides drove cars painted red, white and blue, which are both the colors of the French and American flags.  Obama and his aides arrived in order to mark the Climate Change Conference taking place in the French capital city alongside other world leaders.

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