Trump invites Obama’s half-brother to final debate as his guest

The US President’s half-brother will be attending the third and final presidential debate as a guest of the Republican nominee. Malik Obama announced several months ago that he intends to vote for Donald Trump. According to Malik, Trump “can make America great again.”
Malik and Barack Obama Photo Credit: Twitter/Channel 2 News

The expectations for the third and last presidential debate, which will take place this evening, are considerably high and it was recently revealed that Republican nominee Donald Trump has invited US President Barack Obama’s half-brother to attend the debate as his guest.

Malik Obama was born in Kenya and is a US citizen. In early July, he announced that he intends to vote for Trump. Today (Wednesday), Malik told the New York Post that he is “excited” to attend the debate in Las Vegas. Malik said that he believes Trump “can make America great again.” Trump’s campaign confirmed the report and the Republican nominee told the New York Post that Malik “gets it far better than his brother.”

Malik also commented on the various allegations against Trump that recently surfaced and said that he does not believe the women who accused Trump of sexual harassment and assault. “Why didn’t they come forward before?” Malik said. In addition, Malik criticized Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s actions as US secretary of state.

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