On the Road to a Championship? Additional Reinforcement For David Blatt

After learning that the world's best player, Lebron James was joining his team, Maccabi Tel Aviv coach gains an additional reinforcement: Kevin Love, perhaps the best power forward in the league, signed on to the Cleveland team. He is now going from being the former coach of Maccabi Tel Aviv, to the leading candidate for the championship.
David Blatt Channel 2 News/Reuters

Even before he coached an official NBA game, David Blatt becomes a candidate for the championship: a few weeks after the world's best player, LeBron James announced his “return home” to the team of the Israeli-American coach, Cleveland gets further strengthened by the excellent power forward Kevin Love who is coming from Minnesota thanks to a huge deal. 

As part of the trade that is bringing Love, one of the best players in the league to the Cavaliers, the team will have to part with the first pick of the draft, Canadian Andrew Higgins, as well as first pick from 2013, Anthony Bennett.  Cleveland also gave the Minnesota Timberwolves a future draft pick. It came at a great cost, but Cleveland is now a leading candidate for the championship. 

Blatt, who only a few months ago won the Euroleague Championship with Maccabi Tel Aviv, would record an historic achievement if he could scoop up the most important title in professional basketball just one year later.  In an interview with Channel News 2 he said, I've never coached a player like LeBron, but I know how to coach a team.” 

Lebron James and Kevin Love Channel 2 News/ Reuters

In American media, they are not accustomed to coaches coming from abraod, and have cast doubt on whether Blatt could lead this revival team who has been placed at new levels now with Lebron and Love both signing.  However, Blatt has also received encouragement from leading journalists who have described him as a coach who can handle the pressure.  As of now, it remiains to be seen how the stars Blatt has been given will connect with the rest of the team. 

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