Over million Google accounts hacked in cyber-attack (read to see if your account was too)

Check Point discovered a security breach in Google that may allow cyber-attackers to control the hacked device. According to suspicions, the hackers breached over a million users.
More than million Google accounts hacked Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

Today (Wednesday), Check Point Software Technologies security investigators discovered a security breach that caused the theft of more than 1 million Google accounts through an android malware. According to the investigators, the breach gave the attackers access to personal information from Gmail accounts.

The malware identified by Check Point is called Gooligan and allows the hackers complete control over the hacked device. After the control is achieved, the malware can steal email addresses and user authentication tokens and break through to the inbox.

“The theft of over a million Google account details is very worrying and represents the next phase of cyber-attacks,” explained Michael Shaulov, Head of Products at Check Point. “We are witnessing a change of hackers’ strategy, who are now attacking mobile devices in order to attain the sensitive information stored on them.”

Check Point is offering a free tool to check if your device has been affected by the malware. “If your device was hacked, a clean installation of the mobile operating system is required, a process called flushing,” added Shaulov. “Our recommendation is to turn off the device and contact an authorized mobile technician who will perform the procedure on the device.”

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