Republican and Democratic vice-presidential candidates face off in debate

The Republican and Democratic vice-presidential candidates faced off last night during their first and only debate before the 2016 election. Throughout the debate, the two attacked the other party’s presidential candidate.
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After last week’s first presidential debate, the vice presidential debate between Republican vice-presidential candidate Mike Pence and his Democratic rival Tim Kaine yesterday evening (Tuesday). The debate took place at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia.

The two went toe-to-toe for 90 minutes, mainly attacking the other party’s presidential candidate. According to a CNN poll, Pence won the debate by a narrow margin with 48% while Kaine received 42%.

Pence and Kaine, last night Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The two candidates were ready for the debate and attempted to present the agenda of their campaign as well as show that they are capable of being on stage by themselves. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s running mate did not waste any time and started to attack Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump immediately: “The thought of Donald Trump as commander-in-chief scares us to death.” Kaine added that Clinton has “always been about putting others first” and claimed that Trump has always put himself first and built his career “off the backs of the little guy.”

The debate focused greatly on America’s foreign policy. Both the two candidates commented on Russian President Vladimir Putin. Kaine claimed that Pence and Trump believe that Putin is a better president than US President Barack Obama. “Vladimir Putin has run his economy into the ground,” attacked Kaine. “He persecutes LGBT folks and journalists.” “The provocations by Russia need to be met with American strength,” stated Pence.

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