Plane carrying 81 people crashes in Colombia, some survivors found

A passenger aircraft that took off from Bolivia with 72 passengers and 9 crew members crashed outside the city of Medellin, Colombia. Among the passengers were members of a Brazilian soccer team who were on their way to play in a tournament. First responders are on site. 10 survivors so far have been evacuated, dozens are likely dead.
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A plane carrying 72 passengers and 9 crew members crashed this morning en route to Medellin's José María Córdova International Airport in Colombia. Local authorities initially suspected there would be no survivors. However, a short while later, first responders at the site began evacuating a few survivors. Officials confirmed that six people survived though the number is increasing as responders continue to comb through the crash site.

Contact with Lamia Bolivia Airlines flight number LMI2933 was lost right before the crash. The cause of the crash is still unknown. Members of the Brazilian soccer team Chapecoense were on the flight, heading to Colombia to play in the Copa Sudamericana against the Medellin Atletico Nacional team. The South American Football Confederation said it was suspending "all activities" in light of the tragic accident. The game the team was to play has also been postponed indefinitely.

The Brazilian soccer aboard the crashed plane Photo Credit: Twitter/Channel 2 News

Medellin's mayor Federico Gutierrez described the accident as a "tragedy of huge proportions." An emergency situation has been declared as emergency responders work to find and evacuate any survivors to local hospitals. A helicopter that was dispatched to the scene had to turn back due to poor visibility. Due to the weather conditions, emergency services are currently only able to access the crash site by land.

Lamia Bolivia Airlines flight LMI2933 Photo Credit: Twitter/Channel 2 News

Although the number of survivors is currently estimated to be between 10 to 15 people, only 6 have been transported to hospitals thus far.

The Brazilian team's emblem found in crash site Photo Credit: Channel 2 News
The plane crash in Colombia Photo Credit: Channel 2 News
Flight LMI2933 crash site outside Medellin airport Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

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