Paddock shot security guard 6 minutes before opening fire on crowd, police reveal

Jesus Campos was shot several minutes before the Las Vegas shooter opened fire on thousands of concertgoers below, Clark County police revealed on Monday. Reports of the attack timeline previously cited the shooting of the security guard as the factor distracting the shooter from the crowd below and stopping the attack.
Scene of the attack Photo Credit: Sky News/Channel 2 News

According to an announcement by Clark County sheriff Joseph Lombardo on Monday, Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock shot and wounded a hotel security guard six minutes before he began firing at the concertgoers below. This new information alters the timeline of events first described after the incident, raising major concerns surrounding Mandalay Bay’s security.

Security guard Jesus Campos approached the door behind which Stephen Paddock was barricaded with 23 firearms. Paddock detected the approach and shot the security guard through the door at 9:59 pm (local time). Campos then notified the authorities of him being shot in the hotel. At 10:05 pm, Paddock began shooting at the crowd, killing 58 people in ten minutes, while police forces did not arrive at the scene until 10:22 pm.

It was previously thought that Campos’ approach had an integral part in stopping the shooting by distracting the killer’s attention and he was hailed a “hero” by several US media outlets. Now, police say they do not know why Paddock stopped shooting minutes before they arrived at his 32nd-floor suite.

Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

“What we have learned is that Mr. Campos was encountered by the suspect prior to his shooting to the outside world,” clarified Lombardo. The investigation into the shooter’s motives continues and there is still no clear picture of the event. Police have repeatedly said that no link to any terror organizations was found but continue to search every aspect of Paddock’s life.

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