Poll: Clinton has 4-point advantage over Trump

A few weeks before the 2016 US presidential elections, a new poll shows that the Democratic nominee has just a slight advantage over her Republican opponent.
Trump and Clinton Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

According to the latest Washington Post and ABC News poll, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has only a 4 point advantage over her Republican opponent Donald Trump. The results of the poll were released today (Sunday) and show that Clinton received 47% of the votes while Trump received 43%.

The poll also suggests that 70% of the respondents believe that Trump made unwanted sexual advances toward women in the past. In addition, many claimed that his apology following the release of the audio recording in which Trump is heard bragging about forcing himself on women was insincere.

Meanwhile, another woman claimed this morning that Trump attacked her about two decades ago. In an interview with the Guardian, 63-year-old New York resident Cathy Heller said that during a Mother’s Day event in the 1990s, Trump grabbed her and tried to kiss her without her consent. “He took my hand, and grabbed me and went for the lips,” she stated.

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