Polls suggest Clinton won debate; Americans believe Trump exceeded expectations

According to a CNN poll and a YouGove poll, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton won the second debate. However, more than half of the debate watchers stated that Donald Trump exceeded their expectations.
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According to a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll, 57% of debate watchers believe that Clinton won the second debate while 43% believe that Trump won. However, 63% of the debate watchers who participated in the poll stated that the Republican presidential nominee exceeded their expectations. In addition, 18% said that the debate impacted their decision regarding who will get their vote.

In addition, YouGov suggested that Clinton won the debate by a minor margin of just 5 percentage points. According to YouGov, 47% of those who participated in the poll believe that Clinton won while 42% believe that Trump won.

As reported earlier by JOL, one of the most talked-about moments of last night’s debate was the last question when the two were asked to name one positive thing about each other.

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