Russian President Vladimir Putin expels hundreds of US diplomats

After last Friday’s threats, Russian President Vladimir Putin officially confirmed that he is expelling hundreds of US diplomats in response to the newly approved sanctions against his country.
Putin and Trump Photo credit: Sky News/ Channel 2 News

Today (Sunday), Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that he intends to expel 755 US diplomats from his country by September. Putin’s announcement confirms the threats that were made last Friday.

The Russian decision is a response to the US sanctions approved last week by the US Congress, which Moscow claimed to be illegal. Putin told a Russian news outlet that Moscow's patience for improved diplomatic ties with the US is running out.

“We have waited for quite some time that at some point, something might change for the better,” Putin said. “We had high hopes that the situation would change but it doesn’t seem to be the case…Over 1,000 people are still working in the US embassies and consulates.”

The Russian president added that his country could take more measures against the US but he is currently against doing so. The mentioned sanctions were approved 98-2, despite White House objections. The sanctions currently await US President Donald Trump’s approval.

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