Putin congratulates Macron on victory: ‘Important to overcome mutual distrust’

Despite claims that Russia was responsible for hacking French President-elect Emmanuel Macron’s headquarters and leaking false documents, Russian President Vladimir Putin sent Macron a congratulatory telegram and called for cooperation between the two countries.
Putin Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

Today (Monday), Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated French President-elect Emmanuel Macron and called for cooperation between the two countries.

“The citizens of France have entrusted you with the leadership of the country at a difficult time for Europe and for the entire international community,” Putin stated in a telegram congratulating Macron. “The growth in threats of terrorism and extremism is accompanied by an escalation of local conflicts and the destabilization of whole regions. In such conditions, it is especially important to overcome mutual mistrust and unite in order to ensure international stability and security.”

Macron Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

On Saturday, several hours before the law prohibiting the dispersion and publication of election propaganda in France went into effect, real and fake documents from Macron’s campaign headquarters were hacked and leaked. Cybersecurity experts claimed Russia was behind the cyberattack.

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