Putin warns crisis with North Korea 'may become a global catastrophe'

While North Korea is reportedly preparing for an additional missile launch and South Korea is conducting military drills, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that additional sanctions against North Korea will "lead to large-scale global suffering" and urged both sides remain calm.
Putin Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Russian President Vladimir Putin called on North and South Korea to decrease the tensions in the region during a conference in China Tuesday morning. Putin clarified that additional sanctions against Pyongyang will be “ineffective and without influence” and warned that the military build-up on both sides of the border will escalate matters. “This may become a global catastrophe," he said.

Putin emphasized that additional financial sanctions on North Korea will “lead to large-scale global suffering” and called for finding a joint solution and not to get dragged into “military hysteria.”

Russian Minister of Energy Alexander Novak clarified today that the Russian petrol supply to North Korea is “close to zero,” but mentioned that Moscow does not discuss its restraint of supplying energy resources with other countries.

Amid the escalating tensions in the region, a South Korean news outlet reported today that North Korea was spotted moving a ballistic missile launcher, which followed reports by South Korean officials that North Korea is preparing for additional missile launches.

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