Report: Anti-Semitic Jordanian journalist at White House press conference

In an exclusive interview, a JerusalemOnline source revealed the hidden attempt by King Abdullah II to keep alive the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative, which calls for a Palestinian right of return and Israel withdrawing to the 1949 Armistice Lines.
Jordan's king Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

During the White House press conference that was held jointly between US President Donald Trump and Jordanian King Abdullah II, a JerusalemOnline source relayed that the Jordanian King called upon Taghreed Risheq of Alghad News to answer the first question addressed to him.  The source claims that she is an interesting character who is the winner of the King Hussein Journalism Excellence Award in 2014. She asked the Jordanian King about the future peace process between the Palestinians and Israelis.  

According to the source, this question gave the Jordanian King the opportunity to discuss an issue that President Trump was not mentioning: the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative that was initially adopted by Saudi Arabia yet no longer appears to have Saudi support as the Arab Gulf countries are all normalizing relations with Israel without any reference to the so-called 1967 borders or any sort of right of return for Palestinian refugees being on the table: “Nonetheless, this seems to be what Jordan’s King wants.”

“The Arab Peace Initiative came with a resounding resolution to offer peace to the Israelis, to make them feel that they’re accepted into the neighborhood and to be able to support the President as he brings both parties together,” the Jordanian King proclaimed at the joint press conference. “And again I have to remind people that very early on, there was an early engagement by the President and his team to the Israelis and the Palestinians to be able to see what he can do to bring them together. It is the core conflict for a lot of us in the region. The President knows this. He has his instincts in the right place. And working with his team, our job as I said is to do the heavy lifting. The Arabs are prepared to do whatever they can to bring Israelis and Palestinians together under the leadership of the President.”

However, the JerusalemOnline source conveyed that what is even more interesting aside from the fact that the Jordanian King is attempting to resurrect the now defunct 2002 Arab Peace Initiative that has been rejected numerous times by the Jewish state due to its insistence upon a Palestinian right of return to Israel and an Israeli withdrawal to the 1949 Armistice Line is how Taghreed Risheq managed to be one of the few hand-selected journalists who managed to make it to the White House Press Conference: “A look at who she is and what she advocates raises even more questions. The woman arrived in Washington, DC within the last few months with her husband, an American Department of Defense official. Her husband was working in Amman when she met him and he was called back to DC for what may be a potential conflict of interest. Looking at her work, her writings and her social media posts, the woman is shamelessly anti-Israel. Her clan is originally from Hebron. Many of her clan members have been convicted on terrorism charges in Israel.”

The source told JerusalemOnline that Risheq’s husbands’ job at the Department of Defense requires a certain level of security clearance for him and for her to enter into the US.   The source claims that this proves that the US government considered her safe enough.   However, the source stated that since Risheq arrived in Washington, DC, she has been reaching out to everyone and trying to “establish contact with everyone who matters in DC.   Checking her history, the woman is very loyal to Jordan’s king and at the same time, very anti-Semitic. While this is expected from many Arab journalists, the puzzling question remains, how was she able to find a seat at a White House Press Conference?”

According to the source, this was not the first press conference that Risheq attended in the DC area. Last month, she also attended a press conference held by the families of the 3 US servicemen who were killed by a Jordanian soldier, where she spoke to the victims’ families and asked them questions: “Nobody dares to cover such an issue in the entire Jordanian media and anyone who touches it gets into trouble. Did someone in Jordan give her the green light to go and fish for news?  If that is the case, then this may constitute an act of espionage and intelligence gathering on behalf of a foreign government on US soil.”

According to the source, Risheq is connected to Ayman Safadi, who hired her in Jordan’s daily newspaper and he is now the Jordanian Minister of Foreign Affairs: “Our sources describe him as a senior level Jordanian intelligence officer. Risheq is another symbol of how the Jordanian regime supports and promotes Israel haters and even empowers them in DC, securing seats for them at the White House.”

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