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Wednesday, July 30, 2014 | 12:02:36 PM

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Report: Barack and Michelle Obama are going to divorce

Different sources are claiming that the presidential couple is going through a severe marital crisis. “Michelle went mad because of the photograph with the head of the Danish government. Barack sleeps alone at night,” the reports state. There has been no official confirmation to the rumors.

Dec 26, 2013, 04:00PM | Dana Nasi
The photograph that caused a storm

The photograph that caused a storm Photo Credit: AP

According to some reports in Russia and the United States, Barack and Michelle Obama are going through a severe marital crisis, which reached its peak after distorted photographs were taken of Obama with the head of the Danish government during the memorial ceremony of Nelson Mandela.  There is no official confirmation to the rumors.

 One report in the United States claims that Michelle was furious with her husband because of the picture taken with the Danish Prime Minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, which documented that they were sitting very close to each other and joking together during a ceremony commemorating the life of Nelson Mandela after he passed away.  The images that caused a storm also included British Prime Minister David Cameron.  

 The First Lady reportedly claimed following the photograph incident that she was humiliated in front of hundreds of millions of people in the world that watched the ceremony.  The report alleges that she yelled at her husband because she is “tired of it” and it is difficult for her to absorb such a humiliation because of his actions.

 Other reports claim that the couple has been sleeping in separate rooms in the White House since the incident and that Michelle turned to a divorce lawyer to handle the matter, in order to ensure that she will receive half of their shared property.  An official in Washington even appraised that the couple will end their relationship and that it appears like a “sure bet.” 

 These days, Michelle and Barack Obama are on a family vacation in Hawaii for the Christmas holiday.  Today, they even visited US troops on the island, which might pour cold water on the rumors about them getting a divorce.  However, another source claimed that Michelle is waiting for her husband to end his second term in order not to damage his political career and then she will implement the separation process.     

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