Report: Over 3,000 tons of garbage in Mediterranean Sea continues to kill animals

During the summer, there are approximately 3,000 tons of plastic floating in the Mediterranean Sea. The plastic ends up killing many animals and gets trapped in the sea for decades.
More and more turtles dying due to plastic waste Photo credit: Sky News/ Channel 2 News

A new study reveals that during the summer, when the Mediterranean Sea is most popular, approximately 3,000 tons of plastic float across the waters. The quantity of garbage, specifically plastic, is increasing as it gets trapped in the sea for decades. While vacationers are swimming in the filth, the animals who are eating the plastic, which looks like food to them, are dying.

Scientists of the Society for the Protection of Turtles operating in Northern Cyprus discovered pieces of plastic in the bodies of turtles that were found dead. “In the green turtle it’s really common,” project coordinator for the group Robin Snape told Sky News. “The vast majority of them have some plastic in their gastro-intestinal tract. It's more than 90%.”

Straw in turtle's nostril Photo Credit: Sky News/Channel 2 News

“Jellyfish look like plastic bags, bottle tops can look like crustaceans,” said volunteer Tierney Chalmers. “It’s awful because it means turtles and other animals eat it and it’s passed down the food chain.”

Animal protection organizations are attempting to help. They are removing animals that eat the turtle eggs from nesting sites and are trying to make sure that those who have hatched reach the sea.

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