Despite Trump's recent recordings, Republican women continue support him

Although many in the American political system pulled their support of the Republican Presidential Candidate, there are still many Republican women who continue to support him: "Sometimes men are indeed pigs. This doesn't make it right to say things like this but we know how to move on."
Trump Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

While the political system in the US is still raging after Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump's recordings were exposed, there are still women who continue to support him.

For instance, Eve Stieglitz, a Jewish New Yorker who supports Trump's candidacy, told Channel 2 News Online that she continues to support Trump even though she doesn't agree with everything he says.

Stieglitz claims that she doesn't like the things Trump said about women but she believes that in the essential issues, Trump is in the right place. She also claims that in light of the allegations against and flaws of Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton, people should reconsider their stance if they support her.

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Stieglitz Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

"If Trump would've said in the recording that he is pro free (pro-open borders, then I would've definitely reconsidered my support," she says. "If he was using the public to promote personal interests, then I would've reconsidered. But after everything, Trump didn't threaten the order of things and didn't silence sex crime victims because he wanted to protect his political career."

Kathryn Serkes, co-founder of Women Vote Trump, said that in her opinion, Trump's recordings were funny. "Sometimes men are indeed pigs. This doesn't make it right to say things like this but we know how to move on."

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