Kremlin confirms Trump attempted to promote Trump Tower real estate deal in Moscow

Today, a Kremlin spokesperson confirmed that US President Donald Trump’s attorney requested his help in a real estate project in Moscow.
Trump planned to build in Moscow Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

After the Washington Post reported that the Trump Organization attempted to close a deal in Moscow, today (Wednesday), Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Press Secretary partly confirmed the report. According to the Dmitry Peskov, his office received an email from US President Donald Trump’s Spokesperson Michael Cohen in January 2016 and didn’t reply.

Cohen, Trump’s attorney and spokesperson, sent Peskov an email and requested his help in advancing a Trump Tower real estate project in Moscow. Peskov was asked about the matter during a press conference in Moscow and stated that although he saw the request, he didn’t reply as it was irrelevant to his office’s work.

Earlier this week, emails between Russian-American businessman Felix Sater and Cohen were published. In one of the messages that was sent in 2015, Sater committed to recruiting Putin to Trump’s real estate projects, thus increasing the latter’s chances of getting elected.

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