Russian Foreign Minister denies claims of torture and murder of gay Chechens

While the leader of Chechnya is inviting European leaders to see for themselves that he is not persecuting homosexuals, the Russian Foreign Minister rejects the claims, stating that not one fact has been presented.
Pictures of the concentration camps that were published around the world Photo Credit: Google Maps/Channel 2 News

Russia and Chechnya continue denying the allegations regarding the murder of homosexuals within concentration camps. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov addressed the issue today (Tuesday) that has taken the headlines around the world. The leader of Chechnya also asserted that publications on the matter were “false facts” and he invited European leaders for an official visit where they can see for themselves that he is not persecuting homosexuals.

“We don’t see one concrete fact either about hackers or about some secret probes into election meddling in almost every Western country, or on the issue of accusations of rights abuses of LGBT representatives in Chechnya,” Lavrov told journalists. “If there are facts, if there are surnames, then our answers will be concrete. But, I repeat that we have no relation to the majority of the allegations.”

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