Russia and Iran sign S-300 missile delivery deal

A Russian news agency reported that a deal has been signed between Russian and Iran for a delivery of S-300 missiles.
S-300 missiles Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

After long negotiations, Iran and Russia officially signed on Monday a contract, in which S-300 missiles will be delivered to Tehran, Russian news agency RIA reported. The report is based on a statement made by the director of Rostec, the company that is supposed to provide the delivery. The deal was signed today after a long delay. Iran believed they would close the deal last August.

Rostec CEO Sergey Chemezov stated today at the Dubai Airshow: "S-300, the air defense system, the contract has already been signed." The S-300 missiles are advanced long-range anti-aircraft missiles that could pose a threat to Israel Air Force combat jets in case of an Israeli airstrike on enemy territory. Israel strictly opposed the delivery of the missiles to Syria in the past, fearing they would find their way into Hezbollah's hands.

Last August, Iranian Minister of Defense Hossein Dehghan stated that Iran and Russia are expected to sign the contract "as early as next week." However, the negotiations were delayed. Dehghan added at the time that despite international pressure on Russia to call off the deal, President Vladimir Putin decided to sign it.

A few weeks earlier, Iranian Quds Force Commander Major General Qasem Soleimani met President Putin in Moscow. A high-ranking Russian source told Reuters that they discussed the delivery of the S-300 missiles to Iran.

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