Russian authorities make additional arrests at anti-Putin rally in Moscow

The Russian police continue to act roughly against the demonstrators that support the opposition. Among 100 demonstrators, the Moscow Police arrested 29 for disturbing the peace. This comes a week after arresting opposition leader Alexei Navalny.
Photo Credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

Today (Sunday), an additional anti-Putin demonstration took place in Moscow and the police made arrests. At least 29 people were arrested a week after a large demonstration took place in the country. A BBC reporter claimed that the amount of people that were arrested could be greater.

Last week, at least 500 people were arrested. It was a greatest demonstration against Putin’s leadership in the last 5 years. At that demonstration, opposition leader Alexei Navalny was arrested. But in today’s demonstration, there was a much smaller group. Around 100 people attended.

The police claim that the demonstrators disturbed the peace.  The people who organized the protest on social media now are being investigated since the demonstration that took place last week. Last week, the Russian opposition called upon Prime Minister Demetry Medvedev to resign.

An official declaration published by the police already a week and a half ago stated that everyone who plans to come to that demonstration endangers his security for that event is illegal. The Russian authorities already claimed that Navalny won’t get permission to run in the next elections due to his past actions. However, he claims that he did nothing wrong and the authorities are chasing after him for political reasons. Navalny got 15 days imprisonment. Nevertheless, from his perspective, he said he will run for elections in 2018 despite the fact that the government wants to bar him from doing so.

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