Russian hackers use social media to infiltrate Pentagon official’s computer

The Pentagon was surprised to discover that Russian hackers managed to get into the computer of a senior employee after he clicked on what seemed to be an innocent tweet. The Pentagon is now afraid that hackers will use Twitter and Facebook in order to infiltrate the U.S. Defense Department computer network.
Illustration Photo Credit: 123RF/Channel 2 News

Cyber threats are becoming a greater concern for authorities as the highly-advanced techniques used by hackers around the world are revealed. This week, a new method used by hackers, which exploits social media in order to spread viruses, was revealed.

The method was revealed after Russian hackers succeeded in infiltrating the computer of a senior Pentagon official by concealing a virus in a tweet. The tweet promised exclusive discounts on trips abroad. After the Pentagon official clicked on the link, the virus spread to all of his contacts.

This new method caught cybersecurity firms off guard. In recent weeks, cybersecurity firms around the world have been warning the public against opening messages and files sent by email but they did not mention the danger on social media sites. The Pentagon is now worried that hackers will try to use Facebook and Twitter in order to infiltrate the computer network of the U.S. Defense Department.

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