St. Petersburg terror attack: Russian security forces continue to search for 2 suspects

Russian security forces are currently searching for two men wanted in connection with the deadly bombing at a St. Petersburg metro station today. At least 10 people were murdered and 39 were injured in the terror attack. According to Russian officials, it is possible that the terrorists received help from ISIS.

Watch: Residents gather in St. Petersburg after deadly terror attack

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Hours after the terror attack in St. Petersburg today (Monday), Russian security forces continue to search for two people wanted in connection with the deadly bombing. While the investigation into the terror attack continues, the residents of the city gathered at the metro station where the explosion occurred in order to place flowers and light candles in memory of the victims.

“Before we thought that the terror would not reach St. Petersburg but now our city is under threat,” said 30-year-old Maria Ilyina, who came to the site in order to pay her respects. “I will be afraid to take the metro now.”

St. Petersburg, today Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The authorities in St. Petersburg have declared three days of mourning starting tomorrow in light of the terror attack that claimed the lives of at least 10 people.

Among the resident who gathered at the metro station were also eye-witnesses who were at the scene when the blast occurred. They recalled the terrifying moments when they heard the explosion and then saw several injured people covered in blood. One eye-witness said that he saw four dead bodies on the ground in front of him.

St. Petersburg, today Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The Russian authorities announced that the terror attack was not carried out by a lone terrorist and that they are now searching for the suspects who planted the bombs and fled the scene. “There are two wanted men who are suspected of planting the bombs,” a Russia security official told reporters. “One suspect planted a bomb in a metro car and the other suspect left a bomb at another metro station,” said the official, referring to another explosive device at a separate metro station that did not explode.

Russian security forces stated that they suspect that Russians who are part of a Chechen terrorist group joined forces with ISIS in order to carry out the terror attack.

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