Report: Russian citizen born in Kyrgyzstan involved in Saint Petersburg terror attack

Kyrgyz Intelligence notified Russian authorities that at least one of the terrorists involved in the Saint Petersburg metro explosion was born in Kyrgyzstan. The terror attack’s death toll has risen to 14.
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The main suspect from yesterday’s terror attack at a Saint Petersburg metro station is a Russian citizen who was born in Kyrgyzstan, as reported by Kyrgyz intelligence to Moscow. The terror attack investigators in Russia claim that the fatal explosion was carried out by a suicide bomber who blew himself up and whose body parts were found in one of the train cars.

“It is possible that the explosive device was set off by a man, whose body parts were found on the train’s third car,” the Russian Inquiry Commission announced this morning. “The man was identified, but his identity will not be released for the time being for the investigation’s benefit.” It is currently unclear whether the suicide bomber is the same suspect from Kyrgyzstan named Akbarzhon Jalilov.

Citizens in Saint Petersburg are sad and scared Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The terror attack’s death toll rose to 14, while 49 people are still being hospitalized. According to reports in Russia, the death toll could have been higher if an additional explosive device  that was found had exploded, but it was dismantled upon locating it at the train station.

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