Trump escorted off stage by security following threat

During a speech at a support rally, U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump was escorted off the stage after a threat was heard from the crowd. The threat turned out to be a false alarm and Trump returned quickly to the stage to continue his speech.

Trump escorted off stage and returns to continue his speech

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The Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was taken off stage by Secret Service agents during a rally he held in Nevada following a threat that was made by an audience member. Several minutes later, Trump returned to the stage to continue his speech.

According to the message issued by the Secret Service, the agents jumped onto the stage when a man was heard yelling "gun" from the crowd. The local police department arrested a Caucasian male who was present at the rally. A sweep of the scene revealed that there was no gun in Trump's vicinity.

Several minutes after the situation calmed down, Trump returned to continue his speech and spoke about the incident. "Nobody said it was going to be easy for us but we will never be stopped," said Trump after returning to the stage. After the rally ended, Trump tweeted: "Thank you Reno, Nevada. Nothing will stop us in our quest to make America safe and great again."

The person who caused the commotion was Austyn Crites, a 33-year-old Republican, who claimed he had no intentions to attack or hurt anyone. Crites said he was holding a home-made sign opposing Trump, which read, "Republicans Against Trump," when suddenly he found himself being attacked. According to Crites, he was assaulted by Trump supporters who kicked, punched and choked him. He also said that he feared for his life.

Crites said he politely approached the front of the crowd in order to calmly protest with the sign he made when he was attacked. Crites also added that it seemed to him that Trump pointed towards him before he was attacked and he wasn't even aware Trump was escorted off stage. He also added that he felt relieved the cops escorted him out handcuffed as he feared for his life. After being removed from the scene, Crites was frisked and police conducted a background check. Shortly thereafter, he was released.

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