Watch: Security forces in Kiev storm Israeli Embassy as part of training exercise

Residents of Ukraine’s capital city heard the sounds of explosive devices and saw smoke coming from the Israeli Embassy yesterday as security forces conducted a training exercise in the building.
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Yesterday evening (Sunday), the Israeli Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine looked like a battle field. Residents of the area saw what appeared to be a terror attack on the building as the Ukrainian security forces conducted a drill that resembled such a scenario.

According to the Ukrainian Internal Affairs Ministry that directed the drill, the embassy staff members were informed about the training exercise and even participating in it. The Armed Forces of Ukraine’s Counter-Terrorism Unit, the National Guard of Ukraine and search and rescue forces along with police officers and firefighters took part in the drill.

Photo Credit: Ukrainian Internal Affairs Ministry/Channel 2 News

During the training exercise, the forces were told that terrorists entered the embassy building as visitors, took the employees hostage and threatened to blow up the building. After the negotiations with the terrorists failed, the Armed Forces of Ukraine’s Counter-Terrorism Unit stormed the building from several entrances, freed the hostages and eliminated the terrorists.

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