United Airlines: "Amicable resolution" reached with Dr. Dao

United Airlines' public relations nightmare is soon to be over after they announced yesterday (Thursday) that they have reached a financial settlement with Dr. Dao who was dragged off the plane for refusing to give up his seat to airline employees on an overbooked flight, two weeks ago.
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Yesterday (Thursday), United Airlines announced it reached an “amicable resolution” with the 69-year-old Kentucky physician, Dr. David Dao, who had been forcibly dragged off a United flight by security personnel due to overbooking. However, further details of the compensation have yet to be specified.

The violent incident caught on film showing the security personnel’s excessive use of force, in addition to United’s weak original response, led to widespread anger among the public and over social media. The viral video even led to a boycott campaign against the airline. 

United Airlines settled with Dr. Dao, avoiding a lawsuit Photo Credit: 123RF/Channel 2 News

Following the public outcry, the United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz issued an apology and pledged to reduce the amount of overbooking, offering customers up to $10,000 for voluntarily taking a later flight. Additional new policies related to the incident were also released on Thursday by the company, such as no longer using policemen to remove passengers during such situations.

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