Watch: Singapore’s vending machine for luxury cars

A car dealer in Singapore has decided to display and sell 60 cars in a vending machine-like manner. The cars are displayed in showrooms and when a customer selects a vehicle, it arrives within a few minutes.
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Everyone is familiar with the vending machines that sell snacks and soft drinks. However, Gary Hong, a car dealer in Singapore, has decided to take the concept one step further. He built a 15-story building in order to sell luxury cars. All a customer has to do is select a car on a touchscreen display, pay and leave with his or her new vehicle.

The 60 cars that are up for sale are presented in showrooms in the “vending machine.” When a customer chooses a vehicle, it arrives within a few minutes. Hong said that this is the best way to present the vehicles to potential buyers.

Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

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