South Africa: Israeli tourist killed in a car crash

A head-on collision involving Israelis in South Africa leads to 1 dead and 3 injured. The Israeli tourists were taken to a hospital after the accident. One of the Israelis was declared dead a few hours later. The Foreign Affairs Ministry is working to retrieve the body.
South Africa Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Disaster struck a group of Israelis during their trip to South Africa. One of the backpackers was killed in a head-on collision and 3 other Israelis who were in the vehicle were injured and hospitalized.

The Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry received a call about a group of Israelis involved in a car accident in South Africa, which was apparently caused by a malfunction in the traffic light system. The Israelis involved in the accident were taken to the hospital. One of them was declared dead a few hours after and the others suffered minor injuries. The Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry has started the procedures in order to bring the body to Israel.

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