Severe storm pummels Moscow killing 13, injuring over 50

13 are dead and over 50 are injured after a severe storm hits Russia's capital Monday afternoon. 49 mph winds uprooted hundreds of trees and damaged dozens of buildings. Russia's weather authority expects another storm of similar magnitude to hit the capital within a week.

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A severe storm passed through Moscow Monday afternoon, taking the lives of 13 people and injuring dozens more. The storm uprooted hundreds of trees and severely damaged buildings and infrastructure throughout the Russian capital. A spokesman for the city's health department told AFP that as a result, over 50 people required medical attention.

Inquiries by local authorities revealed that most of the casualties were caused by fallen trees and damaged buildings, such as a bus station that collapsed from heavy winds. Among the victims are an 11-year-old girl who died after a tree fell on her and a 57-year-old man who was injured by a ripped fence.

Moscow’s mayor, Sergey Sobyanin, expressed his condolences to the families of those killed over Twitter and added that a few hundred trees have fallen and that they are doing everything necessary to deal with the storm’s aftermath. Flights departing from Moscow’s airports were severely delayed and the train to the Vnukovo International Airport was shut down due to the harsh conditions.

The head of the Russian weather authority told the news agency that the winds had reached a speed of 49 mph and that another storm could hit the city again as early as this coming Monday.

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